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**KMIT  is proud to announce it's third college Keshav Memorial Engineering college @NGIT campus Uppal, CSE - 180, CSE AIML - 120 (EAMCET code KMEC) **Four project proposals by our students Nischal Singhi, Srinivas Yadav, Akash Konda, and P Sai Varshith were accepted by GSoC. Congratulations and best wishes to them. To know more about GSOC click here ** Workplace Satisfaction Survey for Women at KMIT : 2021. View Report 

 ** KR-20 B.Tech I Year I Sem Supplementary Examination Registration details are out. Please Click here to check.**Glad to inform you all that our CSE student (Haripriya Reddy) got an international offer, she got selected in Amazon-Berlin with a whopping offer  of 107000 euros per annum((93-LPA).. ** KMIT 2021-22 Batch : 2 students got selected for internship in Goldman Sachs with stipend of 75K per month (post pay package of 22.5LPA) ** KMIT 2020-21 Batch Placements: 1 student got placed in Google with pay package of 31LPA **2 students got placed in Cisco with pay package of 14LPA

Publications ECE

SNo Name of The Journal Author/co-Authors Title Volume/issue Year ISSN NO
1Materials Today ProceedingsJ. Madhavan, S. Julian Savari Antony, Sakthisudhan Karuppanan, K. VenkatachalamA 3x4 grid of Jerusalem crossed shaped patch strip mounted on epoxy materials & cancer detection by compositesNA20212214-7853
2JSRJ. Kamal Vijetha, Srikanth . G, YJVS Ramakrishna Sharma,Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Shrinkage Algorithm in Transform Domain for SAR ImagesVol. XII, Issue XI20201781-7838
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5Sambodhi-UGC CareP.Balakrishna, Dr.SJS.AntonyA Detail Review of a Fast Data Throughput using various studiesVol-43, No.-0220202249-6661
6Kala Sarovar UGC care group-1 JournalA.Ravindar, Dr.SJS.AntonyA Review paper on high speed vedic Multiplier for VLSI TechnologyVol:-23, No.02(v)20200975-4520
SNo Name of The Journal Author/co-Authors Title Volume/issue Year ISSN NO
1IJRASETThummanapallyManusha, BanuriPrabhavathi Devi, G. Hari Krishna,Analysis of F-OFDM in 5G WirelessCommunicationsVolume 7 Issue VIII20192321-9653
2IJRASETJ.KamalVijetha, G Hari KrishnaDesign and Simulation of Low Power 10T FullAdder using Cadence 16nM Technology,Volume 7 Issue VII20192321-9653
SNo Name of The Journal Author/co-Authors Title Volume/issue Year ISSN NO
1International Journal of Research in Advent TechnologyDr. S. Julian Savari AntonyPectoral Muscle Identification and Detection of Cancer in Mammograms Using Unsupervised Learning AlgorithmsVolume 6,Issue 72018ISSN 2321-9637
SNo Name of The Journal Author/co-Authors Title Volume/issue Year ISSN NO
1IJCRTBanuri Prabhavathi Devi, Mannem Rajitha, Gada Ramya Krishna,Low Power VLSI design of 4-Bit CEPAL adder using Cadence 0.18µM CMOS Full adderVolume 6, Issue 120182320-2882
2IJCRTS.Gangadhar, G.Hari Krishna, A.N.Sai Chakravarthy, YJVS.Ramakrishna Sharma, G.SrikanthDesign Of 0.6V Low Power High Gain Single Ended Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier.Volume 6, Issue 120182320-2882
3jetirK Rajesh Kumar, V Praveena, J Kamal Vijetha, G Harikrishna 5.Bhavani Kinnara,Design of folded cascode operational amplifier using 1.8 micron CMOS TechnologyVolume 5, Issue 120182349-5162
4IJSR-17M. Asha Jyothi, Priyanka Saxena ,A.RavindarReceiving FM/AM Signals using Software Defined Radio and USRP,NA20180976-2876, 2250-0138
5IJSR-17A. Ravindar,P. Balakrishna, M. Asha Jyothi,FPGA Implementaion And Design of Arithmetic Coder,NA20180976-2876, 2250-0138
6IJSR-17Priyanka saxena1, M. Asha Jyothi, P. Bala Krishna,A design of low power adder operating on effective dynamic data ranges,NA20180976-2876, 2250-0138
7IJSR-17P. Bala Krishna1, A. Ravindar2, Priyanka Saxena3A Low Noise Triple Phase Sleep Signal Slew Rate Modulation Used in MTCMOS Circuits, fromNA20180976-2876, 2250-0138
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10International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical ResearchDr. S. Julian Savari Antony,Linear Discriminant Analysis Algorithm Using To Detect Mammogram Image Classification with Feature Selection ProcessVolume 3, Issue 720172249-9954
11IJEDRR Anil Kumar, KomiraYakaiah, Thummanapally ManushaDesign of low voltage low power high gain full swing operational amplifierVolume 5, Issue 220172321-9939
SNo Name of The Journal Author/co-Authors Title Volume/issue Year ISSN NO
1Published of International Journal of Advancements in Research & TechnologyDr. S. Julian Savari AntonyGraph-Based Density Evaluation for Mammographic Image Classification Based On Intensity ValuesVolume 6, Issue 320172278-7763
2Indian Academy of SciencesYJVS Ramakrishna sharmaMagneticforce microscopy and simulation studies onCo50Fe50 elliptical nanomagnetsVolume 39 No 32016NIL
SNo Name of The Journal Author/co-Authors Title Volume/issue Year ISSN NO